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Popular questions about the Homebuying Process

Get into a home smarter, faster and with better success while getting the best deal you can with the least amount of worry.

It's whatever works for you! Some people are prepared to put 20% down or more. Some are good with 5% down. If you need to do an FHA loan that is usually 3.5% down. At all levels you can have a competitive offer, it depends on many factors, which we'll discuss in the class and on your intro call or zoom.

One of the biggest ways to grow equity and wealth is to own your home instead of renting. With rent you're spending money on something that will never be yours. Here's an example: Renting at $2000/mo for 36 months when you could have purchased with minimal down but wanted to stay in your location. That's $2000x 36 = $78,000 you've spent with nothing to show after. Versus putting 5% down payment on a property valued at $500,000 ($25,000 investment). Over three years that appreciated 7% per year, now valued at $612,522. You've gained $112,522 in equity versus losing $78,000. So in that three year stretch you lost $190,522 and you still wouldn't own anything if you were renting. Wow!! Sign up for a class today to continue to have your mind blown.

In a world where we can do almost anything by ourselves or at a touch of a mouse, real estate is one of the sectors that is very undervalued in terms of why you need a strong professional by your side. There are countless times that because of relationships built, reputations created, knowledge of paperwork and terms, and deep knowledge of the market as a whole has been the driving factor my clients were able to purchase the homes they did, when they did in a competitive atmosphere or otherwise. 

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